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Due to popular demand, we currently have a waiting list for Treneague.  Orders placed in mid May will be dispatched in mid June. 

Anna and I look forward to welcoming back our valued customers and to introducing new friends to the joy of a Chamomile Lawn.

Jemma and Anna 




Please email us at morehavens@camomilelawns.co.uk or call us on 01252 214074  (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm) for further information.  

Happy gardening 

Anna and Jemma


Why grow a chamomile (camomile) lawn?

Also known as ‘chamomile grass’, chamomile lawns are green, soft and fragrant throughout the year:

  • Our chamomile has a creeping habit which gives a perennial, low growing, evergreen, fragrant sward
  • Our chamomile lawns do not need mowing - unlike seed-grown lawns - so no need for a mower, ideal for small gardens!
  • Unlike grass, chamomile stays green in dry summers
  • Bruising the leaves releases a wonderful fresh, sweet, apply fragrance

We supply two varieties of lawn chamomile:

  • Treneague - Chamaemelum nobile ‘Treneague’
  • Dwarf - Chamaemelum nobile dwarf

Both our varieties are very low growing – a great advantage over flowering chamomile lawns and those sown with chamomile seed as they produce tall flower spikes that need to be cut regularly throughout the summer!

Customer testimonials

“I received my plants today and am contacting you to say how delighted I am with them. They are lovely healthy plants and bigger than I expected and arrived in good condition.” Cindy

“The plants arrived today and have planted. Thank you again for your wonderful product.” John

“Thank you so much, received plants at 11.30, all planted and watered in at 2pm. Time for a glass of wine now 🍷 😊 Thanks again for your wonderful service” Dennis.

"Your camomile is the star of my garden. Everyone who comes is fascinated by it and can't wait to take their shoes off and take a walk! It is so cool and soft and the scent is wonderful." Sandy

Chamomile lawn


Lawn chamomile plant