What is Chamomile (Camomile)?

Chamomile, Latin name Chamaemelum nobile, is a perennial, evergreen herb. It is only similar to a grass in that it can be used as ground cover, and it does look much the same as a grass lawn. However, in most other respects, chamomile is very different from grass:

  • Chamomile has a delightful scent which has been described as “rich”, “sweet”, “fruity” and “apple-like”. It has a classic old world fragrance which is released by walking on the plants and is especially strong after rain.
  • Our low growing chamomile does not need mowing which is ideal for people with small gardens who do not want to buy a lawn mower!
  • Unlike grass, chamomile stays green in dry summers.


We grow two varieties of chamomile:

  • 'Treneague' (Chamaemelum nobile 'Treneague') which never flowers and has a wonderful sweet fragrance. As there are no flowers and therefore no pollen, for hayfever sufferers, a 'Treneague' lawn could take the sneezing out of summer!
  • Dwarf (Chamaemelum nobile dwarf) camomile which may have a few single, daisy-like flowers in late summer. It is slightly more vigorous and taller than 'Treneague' and the stems are a little longer and thicker. It also releases an amazing, earthier aroma when trodden on. We find it ideal for growing around plants, such as roses, or around water features, on graves or for edging paths. We recommend Dwarf where conditions are less favourable for Treneague, for example, if the soil is slightly alkaline or there is some shade. On very fertile soils, however, it may grow too vigorously!
Chamomile path