Ideas: Lawns, paths and novelties

Chamomile (camomile) lawns can be planted in many sunny situations in gardens large and small, though chamomile should not be planted where heavy use is expected such as children's games.


Lawns and banks

Larger spaces can accommodate a chamomile lawn as an alternative to grass. A chamomile bank is an attractive setting for flowers, and a great substitute for grass in places that are hard to reach with a lawn mower.

In small gardens, chamomile lawns provide a beautifully fragrant green area with little maintenance and no need for a lawn mower.

Chamomile lawn

Small chamomile lawn

Chamomile lawn in a front garden

Paths and edgings

Stroll down a fragrant chamomile walk, or edge a path with ribbons of chamomile. Alternate mats of camomile with flagstones in a patio (allow 10cm soil depth and width between the stones for the plants to spread into).

Chamomile makes an evergreen edge to a pond or water feature, and is ideal for growing around plants and shrubs, for example roses.

Chamomile path

Chamomile bank

Chamomile lawn edging a pond


Chamomile can be grown as a fragrant welcome mat into the garden, or a soft, sensory carpet perfect for a baby exploring the world outside. It can be placed as a substitute for moss in a Japanese garden, and chamomile lawns can be used to great effect in floral displays.


Chamomile lawn baby sensory mat 
Sylvanians on a camomile lawn 
Chamomile lawn in floral displays

Dogs love chamomile lawns too

Chamomile seats

Chamomile lawn