We supply ‘Treneague’ and ‘Dwarf’ varieties of mature lawn chamomile (camomile) plants direct to you by first class post. Our plants are supplied bare-rooted, so should be planted as soon as they arrive.


25 plants for £24.00
50 plants for £46.00
100 plants for £90.00

Free delivery within the UK

Please see our postage & packaging for further details


How many plants do I need?

We recommend plant spacing 15cm (6") apart

Number of plants Area covered
50 1 square metre (11 sq.ft)
100 2 square metres (22 sq.ft)
500 10 square metres (12 sq.yds)
36 1 square yard

These are approximate areas, as you can plant closer together or further apart. The number of plants needed depends on the area to be covered and how soon cover is required. Please contact us at morehavens@camomilelawns.co.uk if you need your quantity calculated.


Which variety should I plant?

We grow two varieties of low growing, fragrant, evergreen no-mow chamomile, ‘Treneague’ and ‘Dwarf’. To the untrained eye there is very little difference between the two varieties, but choosing the best variety for your garden is important.

  • Chamaemelum nobile ‘Treneague’ – a low-growing (2-3 inches), sweetly fragrant, evergreen creeping variety which prefers fairly fertile, neutral to slightly acidic soil which is free-draining, in a sunny position or lightly dappled shade. This variety does not flower.
  • Chamaemelum nobile dwarf – low growing, though slightly taller than the 'Treneague' variety (2-4 inches) with its earthier fragrance and slightly darker green leaves, this more vigorous evergreen creeping variety will grow in poorer or more alkaline soils and can tolerate shadier habitats, though it prefers a sunny position.